Plastic Forks!!
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(don't let Bitmap know that
this picture is up here. I
told him I deleted it.)

The party is hardly started.
Bitmap has some important
lessons to learn about pacing.

Witchypoo & Bob (our host)
wonder who the hell these Cellar
people are, and how they
ended up at the party...

Laura & Greg welcome the Cellar

Ellen and whoever she's dating
look on as Dragon17 & RichLevey
confuse the hell out of everyone

Sycamore, xoxoxoBruce,
Slang & Undertoad deep in conversation
(UT only appeared to back out at the last minute.)

Sycamore is fascinated by
a wonder of modern technology--
a digital camera.

My arms are too short to take
a decent picture of myself and Slang.

Cellar Clump

Recursive Photography
(Dagney, Bitmap, xoxoxoBruce,
(Slang (with camera), Dragon17

Franklin & Foster look on in
wonderment at the destruction
wrought by the Cellar crew.

It got dark.

It's okay, you don't need toes to
be an artist.

Bitmap, maker of fire.

Slang, honey, I need you to show me
all your fingers, okay?

Is that a beer in your bosom
or are you just happy to see me?

Bob admires his girlfriend Karen's
skill at drinking beer.

Betcha you're jeaous right about now.

Slang and Bitmap did an excellent
job of bringing fire to Forks.

Bitmap takes a lesson from the pagans
in learning to conjure fire.

Bitmap contemplates his creation.

Slangcooking. Not for the fainthearted.

Burgers are placed directly into the fire

He actually ATE these.

Slang, finding a comfy place
has no choice but to take
a little nap.

An attorney looks on in awe as
Slang gives her a new idea for a
class action lawsuit.

xoxoxoBruce's pallets (thanks, Bruce!!)
burst into open flame quite nicely.

Surprisingly, Slang was still able to walk.
However, he was uncertain as to
exactly what happened to his underpants.

Fire. (Heh. Heh.)

Karen, Ellen, Bob & Spam look
on in awe as the fire continues
to burn.

There was something REALLY cool
going on in the flames which is not
in the least obvious in the photo.

I think it had something to do
with pretty colors.

But when a drunk person
gets hold of a digicam ...

You never know what you'll get.

Sycamore is a lazy bastard and
pulled his car right up to the house
to load up his stuff.

The bonfire was hot enough
to relight the next afternoon just
by adding the remaining pallets.